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In order to strengthen the students’ scientific knowledge and their familiarity with the historical stages of coins and banknotes printed and printed in the country as well as money and banking curriculum, Khatam al-Nabi University…


The festival was attended by more than 350 graduates of Masters Degree (Entries of 2015 and 2016) and Cure and Dentistry (Entries of 2012 and 2013) at Khatam Al-Nabein University on Friday, 03/24/2014. Distinguished representatives of the people were held at the Gulf Hall in […]

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Allegory Court at Khatam Al-Nabein University

The allegorical court is one of the most important and constructive elements in the teaching of law students and law students, through which students learn...

Political Science Seminar “Afghanistan Peace Talks: Fear and Hope” by Political Science Faculty

Scientific Seminar on Afghanistan Peace Dialogues, Hope and Hope on Thursday, 04/4/13, with passionate bachelor and master students and professors of Khatam al-Nabein University by...





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