Dean of Quality Assurance and Plan

Dean of Quality Assurance and Planning

Abdul Basir Nabizadeh

Phone number: 0744089858 / 0799522600

Email address:

Degree: Master

Field of study: Criminal law and Criminology


  • Master of Laws and Criminal Justice and Criminology, 1391-1389
  • Bachelor of Laws, Humanities Institute (Al-Mustafa), 1384-1388
  • Higher level postgraduate studies in religious sciences, 1370-1382

Scientific works:

a. Monographs (dissertation):

  • Basics of Liberalism Epistemology, Bachelor of Islamic Jurisprudence and Education, Defense, Summer 2013.
  • Crimes and administrative affairs in Afghanistan; Factors and solutions, General Bachelor of Laws, Defense, Spring 2008.
  • Afghanistan’s criminal policy in relation to white-collar crimes, master’s law in criminal law and criminology, defense, winter 2013.

b. Published articles

I have written more than twenty articles on jurisprudence, legal and political issues, some of which are published in foreign scientific and authoritative journals and others in internal scientific and specialized publications, among which the following cases are mentioned as examples:

  • Rereading the political components in the Afghan constitution and international documents. Payam Mohajer, No. 1, Khazan 2006.
  • Expressing the freedom of relationships and functions, Hadi Monthly, No. 3, 2004.
  • The basics of youth rights in Islamic and Western thought; Book of Youth Rights in Islamic Societies, Qas 1390.
  • Examining the rights of cases of difficulty and hardship; Hadi Monthly, No. 5, Aquarius and Pisces 2005.
  • Cyber crimes and legal challenges, Payam Mohajer, second issue, winter 2016.
    theoretical pressure and mass of white ice; Research Journal of Law, No. 3, 2009.
  • Factors and solutions of administrative research in Afghanistan, Law Letter, No. 4, Winter 2009.
  • Legal and political challenges of the Karzai government; Estrajannou Monthly No. 4, Cancer 2004.
  • Karzai and local governments (commanders); New strategy monthly, number 12, winter 2006.
  • A look at the white ice crime, scientific research quarterly of Khatam al-Nabiin University, third year, no. Sixth, spring 2017.

Scientific Activities and Achievements

a. Scientific records

  • Research and educational elite 2017
  • The winner of the International Conference “Youth Rights in Islamic Societies” Hoot (March), 2018, Tehran University
  • Completion of the course, researcher in Islam and human rights; (64 hours) passing the course, new teaching skills and techniques; (80 hours)
  • The academic staff of Khatam al-Nabiin University from 2013 until now

b) Scientific activities

  • Conducting blind training courses on criminalization and decriminalization and cybercrimes for employees and experts at the legal and judicial level.
  • Teaching legal topics in universities and private higher education institutions in university bachelor’s degrees
  • Compilation of a 5-year strategic plan (1400-1395) of Pohanhi (University)
  • Cooperation in the development of plans for the university and the faculty board of Khatam al-Nabiyin University (PBUH)
  • Compilation of six-month and annual operational plans of universities and departments
  • Compilation of monitoring plans, improvement of deficiencies and six-monthly and annual planning
  • Monitoring the implementation and implementation of operational plans of the departments
  • Submitting a report on the implementation and implementation of plans to the scientific vice-chancellor
  • Guidance and refereeing of more than 85 monographs in the bachelor’s degree
  • Guidance of more than 35 thesis or master’s theses
  • Counseling and medicine for more than 30 master theses
  • Participation and speech in scientific meetings of private universities

Executive Work Experiences

  • Member of Afghanistan National Research Center, 2012-2018.
  • Member of the editorial board of the new strategy monthly, 2018-2019
  • Editor-in-Chief of the Specialized Quarterly Journal of Law Research, 2012-2018
  • Professor and member of the faculty of Khatam al-Nabiyin University (PBUH) 2011- until now.
  • Deputy Professor (Faculty) of Jurisprudence and Law of Khatam Al-Nabiin University from 2013-2014
  • Research director of Khatam al-Nabiin University from 2014 to 2016
  • Legal and judicial expert in the presidential legal advisory office, 2015-2015
  • Participation in the compilation of government legal advisors
  • Travel to Bamyan and Maidan Wardak Provinces to investigate the situation of judicial institutions in those provinces
  • Traveling to Parwan and Panjshir provinces to evaluate the provincial institutions and courts and prisons of those provinces
  • Participating in the meetings of the rules committee and evaluating rules and regulations such as specialized higher education institutions, land laws, national standards, and…
  • Provincial Commissioner of the Independent Election Commission (Parvan Province) from 5/1/1398 to 12/29/1398
  • Head of Faculty (Faculty) of Jurisprudence and Law of Khatam Al-Nabiin University from 2016 to 1400
  • The head of quality assurance and planning from the winter of 1401 until now
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