Professors' Affairs Directorate

Head of Office

Full name: Mohammad Akhlaaqi

Phone Number:

Email Address:

Place and year of birth:1980, Bamiyan

Work experience: 10 years

About Office:
This directorate is one of the most important sub-sets of the university’s scientific teaching assistantship, which performs its duties directly under its supervision and guidance. The Directorate of Professors Affairs is responsible for all references and issues related to professors, both academic and contractual, and is the bridge of communication between professors and the vice-chancellor for teaching and in some cases with the vice-chancellor for financial administration, the dean of the faculty and the relevant faculty. In fact, as the title suggests, this authority is associated with the financial (material and spiritual), administrative, educational and research affairs of the professors, especially the academic faculty of the university, and is mostly of an executive nature and in matters of supervision of the work of the professors.


  • Forming, arranging and completing the files of faculty and contract professors
  • Preparing and completing the scientific file of the professors of the practical board for appointment, confirmation and promotion
  • Carrying out matters related to regulation of salary, leave and educational and research activities of faculty members and reporting it to the relevant deputy
  • Supervising the teaching program of faculty and contract professors
  • The communication bridge between the professors and the administration and delivering the professors’ requests to the administration (university)
  • Necessary coordination in order to change and hold regular and compensatory classes of professors
  • Carrying out student referrals in relation to the coordination of the relevant professors in curricular and other matters
  • Coordinating with the general management of students in arranging and delivering class attendance and its return at the end of each semester
  • Monitoring the correct and timely conduct of classrooms and the educational facilities available in the classrooms
  • Conducting the evaluation of professors under the supervision of the academic vice-chancellor and the cooperation of the quality assurance directorate
  • Regulation of recruitment and salary payment of contract professors
  • Presenting the annual financial, scientific and research report of the professors of the practical board to the teaching assistant
  • Carrying out other tasks assigned by the academic vice-chancellor, financial administration and university president.
  • It should be noted that this department does not have any special organization except for the
  • presence of a faculty affairs associate and it also has administrative facilities.

In the past, the professors department did not have a defined and specific position, but since 2011, with the new management, it has grown in all aspects and participated in all matters related to professors. Especially in the discussion of education, research and promotion of professors, he has given direct opinion. The mechanism for the promotion and recruitment of professors was determined and the files of all professors were formed and completed.

The creation of a new format for all financial, statistical, contract, leave, etc. forms has been one of the other achievements of this department, which changes according to each year.

Laws and bills (click on each one to view and download).

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