Faculties And Departments

You can search for a detailed description of the relevant faculties and departments in its main menu (faculties menu). Her we have just Descriptions of Duties of each faculty and its departments:

Description of duties of heads of faculties

  • Representation of the faculty against other institutions;
    Plan suitable proposals and programs to improve the teaching and working conditions of the faculty;
  • Implementation of legal standards and decisions of the Supreme Council, the Education Council and the Academic Council of the Faculty and monitoring its implementation;
  • Planning, management and supervision of educational, research and executive affairs of the faculty;
  • Holding and managing the meetings of the faculty council and sending its approvals to the relevant authorities for implementation and legal procedures;
  • Representing the faculty in various assemblies and councils;
  • Continuous monitoring of students’ educational status and compliance with educational rules in the entire education process (unit selection, class attendance, exams, monographs and graduation matters);
  • Monitoring the scientific and educational activities of the departments;
  • Efforts to continuously improve education and use the latest scientific achievements in this field;
  • Efforts to create an atmosphere of sincere cooperation among faculty members and to provide the basis for students’ satisfaction as the main customers of the university;
    Developing the five-year plan of the faculty for discussion in the faculty council;
  • Providing a monthly report on the activities and educational programs of academic staff professors;
  • Designing, managing and holding scientific seminars approved by the relevant scientific council;
  • Promotion and management of research affairs of the faculty;
  • Communicating approvals and orders of superior authorities to departments.

Description of the duties of the executive departments

  • Chairing department meetings;
  • Monitoring the adaptation of the academic curriculum of theoretical and practical courses related to the department;
  • Presenting plans to improve the affairs and situation of the department;
  • Efforts to complete departmental requirements;
  • Submitting a proposal to praise and appreciate those academic members of the department who show initiative, excellence and competence in teaching and research;
  • Forming the scientific file of the professors and including the educational and research activities of the professors on a semester-by-semester basis;
  • Management of the research affairs of the professors of the department and their maintenance (archive);
  • Monitoring the implementation of the teaching improvement plan of professors and maintaining their documents;
  • Formulating and implementing programs to strengthen students’ scientific foundation, such as holding book reading competitions, science camps, essay writing competitions and the like, and maintaining its documents;
  • Identifying the educational needs of the field and managing the compilation of resources;
  • Monitoring the status of the classes and approving the vocabulary of the themes during the semester by the professors and reporting the implementation of the curriculum to the faculty head;
  • Management of all scientific and administrative affairs related to students’ monographs;
  • Cooperation in examining the teaching status of professors and reporting to the Faculty Council;
  • Holding quality improvement meetings at the department level and recording the report of its approvals;
  • Report of the department’s activities to the dean of the faculty;
  • Providing the necessary plans and suggestions to improve the educational and administrative affairs of the department;
  • Necessary actions regarding the approvals of the academic council of the faculty;
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