Mohammad Hashim Alizadeh

Place of birth: Aybak Samangan

Phone number: 0786882776

Email address: [email protected]

Degree: Bachelor

Field of study: Administration and Business – BBA

Work Experiences:

  1. Compliance Officer in AIB (2018-2016)
  2. Cashier at Khatam Al-Nabieen University (2018 – Now)

Job Description and Responsibilities:

  • Receiving cash income, including student fees, dormitory rent, and other income based on the invoice issued by the financial staff;
  • Signing and confirming invoices received and keeping a copy of income invoices;
  • Cash payment based on approved payment documents, advance payment lists and other financial documents and obtaining signatures of individuals;
  • Issuing the bill of salaries and privileges of teachers and employees and obtaining signatures;
  • Registration, maintenance, balance and continuous control of the fund account and its specific accounts using Cashbook;
  • Providing regular reports on the liquidity status of the fund to the financial manager;
  • Weekly and monthly audit of cash receipts and payments and reporting to the financial manager;
  • Registering, classifying and maintaining all documents related to receipts and payments of the funds
  •  and sending the issued documents daily to the financial employee for accounting registration;
  • Daily planning of payments based on receipts;
  • Paying salaries to personnel according to the order of the superior and reporting it to the financial employee to include the deductions column of the salary table;
  • Continuous cooperation with other employees of the financial affairs department to advance all financial operations of the department;
  • Keeping and protecting cash, checkbooks, securities and financial documents;
  • Responsible guidance and response to clients and cooperation and guidance in performing other administrative tasks with colleagues;
  • Observance of trust in the course of work and non-disclosure of documents and information;
  • Doing other things according to the discretion of the superior.
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