Financial Management

Financial Management operates under the direct supervision of the Administrative-Financial Vice-Chancellor, and the revenue registration, expenditure registration, and property purchase units operate as a subset of this management.

Financial manager

Jawid Sarwari

Place of birth: Jaghori district, Ghazni province

Phone number: 0728536424

Email address:

Degree: Bachelor

Field of study: Administration and Business

Work Experiences:

  1. Finance Officer at Care of Afghan Families (2015-2016)
  2. Finance Officer at Gholghala Group (2017-2018)
  3. Finance Manager at Khatam Al-Nabieen University (2019 – Now)

Job Descriptions:

  • Accurate maintenance of financial documents at all times;
  • Completing the activities related to tax affairs in accordance with the laws, regulations and internal procedures and creating the necessary files;
  • Supervising the employee of the financial department and preparing the bank discrepancy statement;
  • Cooperation with the vice president of financial administration in the field of designing and implementing the internal control system of the financial department in order to ensure the appropriate management of the financial affairs and assets of the university;
  • Checking and confirming the work report of professors and employees;
  • Comparing the monthly financial reports with the financial budget departments to monitor the implementation of the budget;
  • Checking the attendance report and salary schedule to ensure the correctness of hours, payment, deficits, etc. and confirming it;
  • Reviewing and confirming the salary table to ensure the correctness of entering figures in different columns;
  • Supervision of the up-to-date property and fixed assets of the university;
  • Preparing and delivering weekly/monthly reports to the financial administrative assistant;
  • Monitoring the implementation of the budget and preparing a report on the amount of implementation and balances at the end of the financial year;
  • Check and evaluate the spent budget based on the bills received;
    setting up the request form to transfer money from the bank account to other accounts;
  • Planning for inventory count at the end of the year, monitoring the implementation and reporting the results;
  • Preparation of backup versions of the accounting system on a weekly basis and their maintenance and care;
  • closing accounts and preparing year-end financial reports;
  • Ensuring the registration of all financial operations in the accounting system;
  • Monitoring the performance of financial unit employees and participating in their periodical performance evaluation;

Responsibilities of Financial Management:

  • Participating in decisions related to solving problems and determining university policies from the financial aspect;
  • Participating in adjusting and implementing the university’s annual budget;
  • Applying financial supervision over the registration, maintenance and control of the inventory of goods and assets of the university;
  • Setting up and maintaining books of daily, total and specific credits for independent accounts, analyzing and recording accounting documents in books or accounting software;
  • Preparing and reviewing financial statements and ensuring their correctness and compliance with the country’s financial and accounting laws and regulations;
  • Monitoring the performance of financial unit employees and participating in their periodical performance evaluation;
  • Management and adjustment of the university’s income and expenses account;
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