Human Resource Management

Human Resources Manager

Name: Sayyed Ismatullah

Surname: Mosawi

Phone number: 0709924177

Email address:

Degree: Master’s student

Field of study: Economics and Management

Administrative position: Head of the Office of the Financial Administrative Assistant and Head of Human Resources Management



  • Regulating all assigned matters based solely on written methods, bills, and approved instructions, and in case of lack of access to the necessary methods in the desired fields, recognizing the necessity and adjusting the existing methods; Inquiring about the matter from our responsible official above him before any executive action;
  • Forecasting the human resources needed by the university and carrying out the employment of university employees in compliance with the relevant employment laws and regulations;
  • Regulating and maintaining the employment file and issuing related orders, including appointment, mission, suspension, promotion, leave, additional work, and maintaining the protection of the files.
  • Implementation of rules and regulations, employment regulations and guidelines, and employee welfare;
  • Creation and maintenance of the personnel information bank and service and administrative records of all university personnel and preparation and adjustment of personnel statistics and maintaining and updating them;
  • Supervision of procurement, service and processing matters;
  • Preparing and setting the required administrative instructions and mechanisms;
  • Anticipating and providing classrooms with the new building as needed and arranging and
  • Distributing classrooms among faculties in cooperation with the Directorate of Student Affairs;
  • Monitoring the smooth work flow of all departments under the supervision;
  • Supervising matters related to the protection and cleaning of university buildings and facilities,
  • Regulating matters related to university printing and reproduction; the correct use of vehicles,
  • Setting the daily work schedule of drivers and predicting and estimating the vehicles needed by the university;
  • Conducting attendance and absence matters and setting the work schedule of service workers and guards, calculating the hours of attendance and absence of employees, calculating holidays, and setting up their list in order to pay wages;
  • Dealing with, planning and monitoring the repairs needed in different departments of the university;
  • Management and adjustment of performance evaluation mechanisms and programs, training needs assessment, and capacity building courses for all administrative, security and service forces;
  • Participation in the evaluation process of workers and providing the necessary answers in this field;
  • Cooperation in organizing university programs and events;
  • Guiding and responding responsibly to clients;
  • Cooperation and guidance in doing other administrative tasks with colleagues;
  • Observance of trust in the course of work and non-disclosure of contents.
  • Performing other tasks according to the discretion of the superior;
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