Graphic Designer

Graphic designer

Name and Surname: Mujtaba Ahmadi

Phone number: 0781160495

Email address:

Degree: Bachelor

Field of study: civil engineering

Work experiences:

  • Three years, as a graphic designer at Charadehi Press
  • Three years as a graphic designer at Khatam Al-Nabbieen University (PBUH)


  • Page layout and design of university introduction packages;
  • Design banners, announcements, letters of appreciation and other major requirements of university programs
  • Sending the designed items to print if necessary and after the approval of our above authority;
  • Cooperation in preparing content requirements for information channels and updating their content;
  • Layout of quarterly magazines, student magazines and university books by the order of superiors
  • Cooperating in the advancement of administrative works of managing publications and information;
  • Implementation of other tasks assigned by superiors related to organizational level and work area
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