Security Management

Protection and Security Department Director  

Name and Surname: Abdul Hadi Mohammadi

Year and place of birth: 1979; Ghazni Province

Phone number: 0744476080

Email address: [email protected]

Education degree: N/A

Work Experiences:

  • 10 years as the security commander of Khatam Al-Nabieen University (PBUH)


  • Planning, organizing, and directing all university security and protection activities and measures;
  • Taking care of security and public order and maintaining university regulations;
  • Controlling the entry and exit of people and vehicles, transporting property and furniture according to the order issued and registering it in the relevant offices and reporting to the relevant officials;
  • Daily checking of the security situation inside and around the university buildings and making sure that there are no factors of comfort and security in the university environment;
  • Immediate reporting of unexpected events and incidents such as fire, theft and other incidents to the authorities and taking basic and necessary precautionary measures;
  • Setting the tasks and work shifts of the security forces and monitoring how to perform the tasks assigned to them and reporting to the administrative and human resources manager;
  • Conducting training needs assessments and holding military and law enforcement training courses for the forces under the command;
  • Continuous monitoring and control of how the university’s security equipment works and is active and ready;
  • Controlling and monitoring the entry and exit of students and ensuring that they have an ID card with a valid and up-to-date sticker;
  • Necessary forecasting in order to prevent accidents and security and safety issues;
  • Coordination with the police and security forces and performing other necessary security measures during meetings, gatherings and gatherings in the university space;
  • Preservation and protection of the buildings and facilities of the university and the military and law enforcement equipment that is provided to the security forces;
  • Identifying the factors and elements causing disturbances in public order and security,
  • Investigating and analyzing them and reporting the cases to the relevant authorities;
  • Responsible guidance and response to clients;
  • Cooperation in doing other administrative tasks with colleagues;
  • Observance of trust and non-disclosure of information that is circulated during work.
  • Carrying out other referral tasks within the framework of assigned tasks.
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