Administrative-Financial Vice-Chancellor Office Manger

Name: Sayyed Ismatullah

Surname: Mosawi

Phone number: 0709924177

Email address:

Degree: Master’s student

Field of study: economics and business management

Administrative position: Head of the Office of the Financial Administrative Assistant and Head of Human Resources Management

Job Description:

  • Carrying out administrative correspondence related to the financial administrative assistant;
  • Registering all the incoming and outgoing letters of the deputy in the incoming and outgoing office and controlling the relevant attachments and archiving and maintaining them;
  • receiving typed reports and school papers and controlling the appendices and signing them;
  • Preparing and preparing the necessary reports about the important daily content and events to be submitted to the financial administrative assistant;
  • Coordination of all administrative assistant programs, meetings, and appointments and……..
  • Communicating rulings and sending correspondence issued by the deputy to the relevant units, institutions and departments, coordinating the sent programs to the destination and following up on their answers;
  • Responding to the clients and guiding them and, if necessary, providing the facilities to fulfill the requests of the applicants and clients whose request is possible without meeting with the subordinate authority;
  • Coordinating and delivering all the orders issued by the financial administrative assistant to all managers and personnel;
  • Preparing, preparing, obtaining signatures and maintaining the minutes and approvals of the committees related to the financial administrative assistant;
  • Timely and orderly attendance and maintaining general order and discipline in the work environment.
  • maintaining and optimally using the means, equipment and facilities under the authority of the university;
  • Cooperation and assistance to other workers in relation to reaching the common goals of the university organization and personnel;
  • Observance of trust in the course of work and non-disclosure of documents and materials;
  • Doing other things according to the discretion of the superior.
دانشگاه خاتم النبین(ص)