Office Manager of Quality Assurance Directorate

Name and Surname: Sharzin Sanayee

Phone number: 0748547579

Email address: [email protected]

Degree: Bachelor

Field of study: Economics

Job Description:

  • Arranging administrative correspondence related to the department
  • Follow up on the approvals and letters of the department
  • Coordination of quality assurance meetings
  • Obtaining the signatures of the members of the meeting at the right time
  • Notification of approvals to committee members
  • Archive of documents related to improving the quality of the university
  • Responding to office clients and collecting their needs
  • Overview of all the documents of the office
  • Archiving and indexing of previous documents of the department
  • Coordinating in holding briefing meetings and consensus in the quality improvement process
  • Reviewing the activity included in the plans of the office, keeping in mind its time and reminding the relevant manager
  • Cooperation in the evaluation of all programs
  • Preparation of necessary reports of the department
  • Other necessary items based on job descriptions and department orders
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