Administrative-Financial Vice-Chancellor

Head of Administrative-Financial Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Ali Shah Hassani

Phone number: 0799167020

Email address:

Degree: Ph.D Candidate

Field of study: Public Management – Public Policy

Academic rank: Professor


  • Doctoral student of Public Administration, University of Tehran, 2019- until now
  • Master of Public Administration from Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute – Iran 2017-2018
  • Master of Public Administration from Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute – Iran 2017-2018

Scientific and executive activities

  • Lecturer and member of the academic faculty of the Faculty of Economics and Management of Khatam al-Nabieen University (pbuh) since the spring of 2011;
  • Acting Scientific-Teaching Vice-Chancellor of Khatam Al-Nabieen (PBUH) University for three months, spring and summer 2017;
  • Administrative-financial deputy of Khatam Al-Nabieen (PBUH) University from 2018 until now;
  • The head of university planning and quality improvement from 2011 to Thor 2018;
  • Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management of Khatam Al-Nabieen University (PBUH) from September 2015 to 2018;
  • Teaching various management subjects at master’s and bachelor’s levels in Khatam Al-Nabieen, Kateb, Shahid Rabbani, Jamiat-e-Mustafi, and Garjistan university.

Scientific works

A) theses of the master’s course

  • Solutions to fight against administrative corruption based on Islamic values/ Master’s thesis in management under the guidance of Dr. Abdulhamid Shams;
  • Criticism of Iqbal Lahori’s point of view about revelation and religious experience/ Thesis of Master’s course in Islamic Theology under the guidance of Dr. Hadi Sadeghi.
  • The Perspective of Educated and Skillful Afghan Citizens (a survey for SDFO), February-March 2017

b) Published scientific articles

  • Effective factors on the development of group learning/ Marafet Magazine No. 136;
  • Solutions to fight against administrative corruption based on Islamic values and management research;
  • The effect of information technology on the functions of human resource management/Poeish 1;
  • Social and cultural barriers to administrative reforms in Afghanistan
  • Phenomenology of administrative corruption in Afghanistan and the ways to combat it/ Powish specialized quarterly magazine 9-10.

c) Advice and guidance

  • Advice on more than 20 thesis titles for the master’s course in management;
  • Guide to more than 50 monograph titles for bachelor’s courses in economics and management.

Department Introduction:

As one of the main vice-chairs of the university, the vice-president of financial administration is responsible for managing all financial and administrative affairs of the university. The main goal of the financial administrative assistant is to create a strategic approach in managing the financial resources of the university in order to support the long-term and short-term goals and plans of the university.


A university with stable income and modern facilities and equipment through providing educational, research and entrepreneurial services.


Our mission is the optimal management of financial resources in line with the realization of strategic goals and diversification of income sources for the financial stability of the university.

Strategic priorities of the financial sector

Investment: investment in order to improve the university in terms of system, administrative and organizational structure, development of scientific and research infrastructure, and development of physical infrastructure;
Communication development: strengthening and developing strategic communication with national and international scientific institutions in order to carry out short-term and long-term cooperation for joint investment in academic and entrepreneurial fields;
Financial stability: laying the foundation for creating non-educational sources of income (student fees) such as commercialization of science, carrying out research projects, developing and launching university subsidiary companies;
Support and management of financial resources: foundation, support and management of financial resources in order to realize the vision and the grand mission and achieve the financial stability of the university.


  • Providing development and innovative plans to improve administration and financial affairs;
  • Compilation of regulations and instructions related to the duties of the deputy to be proposed to the competent authorities for approval.
  • Supervising subordinate units to ensure the proper execution of their duties.
  • Monitoring the use of the credit allocated to different units based on the approved detailed budget and submitting a report to the university president and the Supreme Council;
  • Determining the current state of the university through the identification of strengths and bottlenecks, problems, opportunities, and upcoming threats in order to determine the proposed strategies in order to upgrade to the desired state.
  • Establishing the process of identifying revenues and proper control over the financial cycle in order to prepare financial management reports in order to establish financial discipline in different departments of the university;
  • Monitoring all receipts and payments of the university;
  • Providing human resources needed by the university within the framework of laws and regulations.
  • Participation in the meetings of the Supreme Council of the University to make the necessary decisions.

Subordinate units

This deputy has three managements: financial management, administrative and human resources management, security management.

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