Currently, universities around the world are using research as an indicator of their performance ratings and quality assessment. One of the most important functional aspects of universities is science research and production. Because evaluating a university’s research output and scientific output is an attempt to evaluate its scientific and research performance. The evaluation of scientific outputs using defined indicators is called “sciences”. Better yet, science is the knowledge of researching scientific products with the help of quantitative analysis methods, content, and citations. Today, among the many research outputs of universities, the attention has been paid to published articles, so that the number of articles published in one year by each faculty member is a sign of his / her professional success. Many faculty members believe that the publication of articles in scientific journals is an appropriate measure of the quality of their research. Therefore, at present, one of the most important indicators of science production is the number of scientific articles indexed in internationally accredited scientific databases, and the number of citations to them. Because the number of articles indexed on these sites indicates a “slight increase” in scientific output and the amount of citations reflects the impact of published articles and somehow represents its “quality level”.

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