A scientific seminar was held under the title “The Role of Biotechnology in the Development of Medical Sciences”

🔸 This seminar was held on Monday, 24 Thor 1403, with the coordination of the international affairs management and hosted by the medical technology faculty, the management of the research center of Khatam Al-Nabieen University (PBUH) and the cooperation of Tehran University.

First, Dr. Sahar Tehrani, the presenter of the seminar, reviewed the history of biotechnology, the role of medical biotechnology in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and genetic diseases.

Dr. Tehrani examined the role of biotechnology in the development of medical sciences and presented interesting and useful discussions in this field. He investigated the history of biotechnology and its effects in medical sciences and showed how this new technology has made significant improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseases.

Dr. Tehrani also addressed the positive effects of biotechnology in the production of biological drugs and protein and genetic vaccines and showed how this technology helps control and prevent the transmission of diseases.

The seminar “The role of biotechnology in the development of medical sciences” was welcomed by professors and students interested in this field because of the useful and interesting information provided by Dr. Tehrani. This seminar was recognized as an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and increase knowledge in the field of biotechnology and medical sciences.

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