Academic Honors

Academic Honors

Khatam Al Nabieen University has been recognized as one of the pioneer academic centers of the country for its thirteen years of successful scientific activities and valuable achievements and honors. As assessed by the Ministry of Higher Education of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, this university has ranked as a second top private university of the country after the American University of Afghanistan.

Khatam Al Nabieen University, with its expert and capable academic cadre, has been working for over than a decade in various fields of scientific activities in two main centers of Kabul and Ghazni. Hereon, we are proud to dedicate the scientific productivities and researches to the academic community of country. So, some parts of these honors and achievements which presented to the educationalists and enthusiasts of higher education summarized as following:

  • Khatam Al Nabieen University recognized as one of the top private university according to the evaluation carried out by the Ministry of higher Education. The assessment revealed that Khatam Al Nabieen University was ranked as first place among private universities of the country and ranked as a second top university after the American university of Afghanistan.
  • Khatam Al Nabieen University has graduated more than six study courses in undergraduate degree majored in various fields of technical sciences, medicine and social sciences (law, political science, economics and management, Quran and Hadith sciences, computer science and sociology), and thus the university graduated two postgraduate degrees majored in Law and Criminology, International Law and International Relations.


  • Khatam Al Nabieen University has provided training and supply of human resources in government departments and scientific centers. Now, more than 40 percent of the graduates from the bachelor’s degree are working in various scientific and administrative centers of the country, and around 20 students of the master graduates are engaged in academic activities with higher educational center of the country.


  • Khatam Al Nabieen University recognized as a pioneer university in the field of researches and academic studies. The University had been able to exhibit the most prominent academic works and researches at the scientific festivals of Mahmud Tarzi and got the highest position for three times. In addition, the students of Khatam Al Nabieen won the academic competitions held among different university students. Therefore, it was greatly appreciated and rewarded for successive attainments.
  • In the field of publishing textbooks, Khatam Al Nabieen University has been able to present at least five teaching books in the field of law, political science, economics and management. These books have already been dedicated to the higher education community of the country.


  • The university has also been forerunner in the field of academic capacity building of professors and upgrades of its scientific cadres. we are honored for the implementation of more than ten Ph.D. scholarship for the professors of this university. Generally, the university has more than sixty experienced professors with having Ph.D and master degrees. In fact, it was a part of its exclusivity in Afghanistan that founded a higher educational system with Ph.D and master degree holders.


  • Sending of more than 100 students in different fields for scholarship abroad is one of the other honors of the center. This scholarship was provided to university graduates through formal agreements with foreign universities.
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