General management of student affairs in the organizational structure of the university is one of the subdivisions of the scientific-teaching assistant. It is the first gate for students to enter the university, and the student receives the first approval from the department for graduation. The department considers it the responsibility of providing the best educational services and promotes students throughout the educational process.

Mustafa Nouri is responsible for managing the students’ affairs. The following are the main categories and activities of this section:

A. Subcategories:

Training Experts of the University’s Ten Colleges;
Alumni Management;
Print and copy management;
Acceptance Management and Document Archive.

B- Tasks and Activities:

Public Administration of Student Affairs, while overseeing and receiving reports from the provincial branches, performs the following activities in the central sector.

Enrollment and admission process for admission to university in accordance with relevant regulations;
Establishing and completing student and health records for students and admissions students;
Arranging and classifying students by field of study and taking into account the year of entry in coordination with the Planning Department;
Allocation and promulgation of student code and issuance of cards to the general public;
Announcing the time of enrollment and unit selection at the beginning of each semester and completing it;
Determine the time required for the curriculum to be removed and added;
Present order for all classes and follow up on related issues;
Submit a copy of the student file to the relevant faculty;
Obtain the college syllabus before starting the semester and register it in the database;
Announcement of the semester academic calendar ؛
Supervising students’ educational and educational status and taking necessary steps to register attendance and prepare a monthly report for examination at the end of the semester;
Semester Report of Students’ Academic Status to College, Conditional, Success, Failure, Expulsion and Expulsion;
The student’s obligation to take a single course in the relevant faculty and to record the above mentioned subject;
Collaborating with colleges to organize excellent educational and recreational programs;
Arrange an overall, annual and half year curriculum based on the exams report and submit it to the student;
Introducing graduate students to the Department of Graduate Affairs;
Measures necessary for the issuance of any educational approvals to students by the teaching-scientific assistant;
Manage the database system and take steps to maintain and secure the information contained therein;
Necessary cooperation in holding graduation ceremonies;
Providing statistical and analytical report on students’ educational status as required and required;
Collaborate with the exam committee on exams;
Preparation of baseline tables, semistructured results tables and student leisure tables and submission to the Ministry of Education;
Monitoring the daily activities of the relevant sectors;
Permanent and continuous communication with the Ministry of Higher Education and submission of educational reports to the Ministry through the Scientific-Teaching Assistant;
Announcing the top rankings of each discipline in each year to the Vice President
Perform other duties in accordance with the diagnosis and referral of the teaching assistant

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