Purchase Clerk and Service Personnel Management

The purchasing clerk is also responsible for managing the service personnel.

Purchase Clerk and Service Personnel Management

Sayyed Nemat Hosseini

Phone number: 0771401626

Email address: [email protected]

Education Degree:

Work experience:

  • Employee of Khatam University since 2012 – now


Responsibilities Regarding to Purchasing:

  • Preparing and adjusting the annual work plan and presenting the performance report according to the plan;
  • Setting up, registering and maintaining university property books;
  • Matching the goods with the request form, checking the goods in terms of health and quality
  • When receiving the purchased goods from the procurement officer;
  • Affixing stickers to non-consumable property before delivery to subordinate units;
  • Registering and specifying the property in the name of the receiving unit and obtaining the signature of the relevant official and finding the defective device;
  • Providing the necessary reports in order to enable the supervision of the financial manager;
  • Preparation of the property form according to the location of the property and its installation in all rooms and units;
  • Monitoring the establishment and non-movement of property and issuing remittances for moving property in necessary cases;
  • Periodic control and inspection of the properties of the units and preparation of periodic property reports to the financial management;
  • Carrying out matters related to the storage of movable property at the end of the year and
  • Applying cross-sectional controls by the order of the financial manager;
  • Report scrapped and waste property to financial management at the end of a financial period;
  • Delivery of all purchased goods and supplies from the purchasing manager;
  • Delivering the goods and supplies according to the request form to the relevant branch and obtaining the office manager’s signature in the booklet for the delivery of goods and supplies;
  • Periodically reporting the status of receipt and delivery of property and supplies to the financial manager;
  • Management of the warehouse of goods and supplies and their care;
  • Observance of trust in the course of work and non-disclosure of documents and materials;
  • Carrying out other tasks assigned in the field of organizational duties by superiors;

Responsibilities Regarding to Service Personnel:

  • Forecasting the amount of consumption of necessities and equipment and preparing a procurement plan on a semester-by-semester basis;
  • Receiving purchase requests from applicant units and following up on their supply;
  • Taking the necessary measures to provide consumables and property needed by the university based on the licenses issued;
  • Check and control necessary to identify the type of goods, quantity and other technical specifications of the goods during purchase;
  • Carrying out all matters related to the preparation of trips, seminars, meetings, etc. according to the orders of superiors;
  • Preparation and adjustment of contracts related to the purchase and performance of services;
  • Delivering the purchased items to the person in charge of the property and obtaining his signature;
  • Employing service forces and regulating their daily activities;
  • Managing and supervising the activities of service personnel in the medical center and building;
  • Complete supervision of the daily cleaning of buildings, prayer rooms, doors and windows,
  • Floors of rooms and halls, glasses, equipment and furniture;
  • Supervising the collection and transfer of waste and garbage to designated places;
  • Cooperation and assistance to other workers in relation to reaching the common goals of the university organization and personnel;
  • Observance of trust in the course of work and non-disclosure of documents and materials;
  • Carrying out other tasks assigned in the field of organizational duties by superiors;
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