Ajmal Rahman Ahmadi

Phone number: 0798984351

Email address: [email protected]


Field of Study:


Job Descriptions:

  • Registering and issuing income accounts (student fees, and other income) through the accounting system;
  • Registering the invoices received and reaching the bank (students’ payments in the bank) in the accounting system.
  • Regular review and follow-up of unpaid fees
  • Renewal (labeling) of students’ cards;
  • Cooperation in receiving student fees at the beginning and end of the semester;
  • Preparation of accounting documents (vouchers) related to income, coding and filing them;
  • Continuous cooperation with other employees of the financial affairs department to advance all financial operations.
  • Cooperation with other financial departments in internal audit, closing accounts and preparing year-end financial reports.
  • Arrange your semester plan and work evaluation of your superior;
  • Providing written reports on a semester and annual basis;
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