Net Café Manager

Net Café Manager

Name and Surname: Ahmad Fahim Nazari

Year and place of birth: 1366; Kabul

Phone number: 0764353665

Email address: [email protected]

Degree: Baccalaureate

Field of Study:

Work history:

  • 4 years in as a Net Café manager; Khatam Al-Nabieen University (PBUH)


  • Maintaining and taking care of Net Café devices’ and equipment;
  • providing internet and computer services to students;
  • Solving the problems of projectors and televisions in the classrooms, laboratories, and notebooks and teaching the representatives of the classrooms how to use them;
  • Reviewing and reporting the requirements of NetClap and informing the IT manager;
  • Registration of daily users of NetClap and archive of related documents;
  • Observance of confidentiality in the course of work and non-disclosure of contents;
  • Doing other things according to the discretion of our above authority;
دانشگاه خاتم النبین(ص)