Directorate of Islamic Culture, Invitation and Guidance

About the office:

The Department of Islamic Culture, Invitation (Da’wa) and Guidance is another subordinate unit of the university president and is directly accountable to the university president.


1. Formulating strategic cultural-educational policies of the university to deepen and expand Islamic culture and values

2. supervision and control of all religious affairs in the university;

3. Implementation of effective programs for the development of Islamic culture, knowledge and civilization in the university;

4. planning and implementing various cultural and motivational programs to improve students’ morale;

5. Holding weekly meetings on ethics and Islamic guidance for students and employees according to the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education;

6. Compilation of operational plans and calendar of board meetings;

7. Budget proposal for the programs of cultural command and Islamic invitation and guidance;

8. Cooperation with other departments of the university for the proper implementation of culture and Islamic guidance programs;

9. Holding a memorial service for distinguished national and international Islamic scholars;

10. Formulating policy and holding cultural, religious and national festivals and exhibitions in the university;

11. handling the complaints of professors, employees and students in religious and cultural fields;

12. Compilation of related regulations, bills and instructions and proposal to competent authorities for approval;

13. Celebration of national and religious occasions;

14. holding scientific and cultural seminars;

15. Organizing scientific roundtables and broadcasting them through the media;

16. holding congregational prayers at the university level;

17. preparation and installation of religious-cultural advertising posters at the university level;

18. Ethical charter preparation for professors, employees and students.

دانشگاه خاتم النبین(ص)