Public Relations and International Affairs

Name: Ruhullah

Surname: Naimi

Place of birth: Ghazni Province, Karabagh District

Field of study: International Relations

Degree: Master

Contact number: +93798848688
Email address: [email protected]

Answering directly to the president of the university


1- Effective coordination and communication with the media;
2- Effective coordination and communication with high schools and semi-high institutes for mutual cooperation and better introduction of the university to officials, teachers and scholars;
3- Communicating with civil institutions, social networks and cultural complexes;
4- Establishing and expanding the relationship with the country’s scientific and cultural elites, in order to use their experiences and reserves in the programs;
5- Coordinating and providing grounds for signing cooperation agreements with universities and scientific centers of the country;
6- Providing the ground for holding conferences, seminars and joint festivals with the country’s cultural-scientific institutions;
7- Establishing and expanding the effective communication of the university with government ministries and departments for constructive interaction in order to effectively use the capacities of the university and related departments;
8- To provide a context for students to communicate and understand with university employees and officials;
9- Preparing the budget program of the “Directorate of Public Relations and International Affairs”;
10- establishing and maintaining communication with university graduates;
11- Supervising the functioning of the subordinate units, supervising the content preparation of university programs and their news coverage;
12- Monitoring the up-to-datedness and updating the content of the university’s information and advertising channels;
13- Pursuing favorable reflection of university events and interaction with students and graduates in virtual space;
14- Prepare and submit course reports to the university president;
15- Implementation of other tasks assigned in line with the implementation of organizational duties in agreement with the president of the university.

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