IT Management

Necessity of IT services in the country

In our age, information technology is one of the major drivers of development and development in the world. Nowadays, the advances in information technology are so integrated into people’s lives that stopping them can disrupt society and even welfare. Therefore, many countries have taken great efforts to popularize the use of information technology, one of which is the academic training of information technology.

IT fields

Today, the term “IT” has become very widespread and encompasses many aspects of computing and technology, making it easier to understand the term than ever before. IT professionals perform a variety of tasks, from applications installation to design of complex computer networks and databases, to some of the areas IT professionals can do:

  • Data management
  • Implementation of computer networks
  • Computer Engineering
  • Database system design
  • information systems Management
  • Information Systems Management
  • Systems Management

IT Services at Khatam Al-Nabieen University

  • Communication and network services
  • Internet access
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Share Drive Services
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Windows Servers Services
  • software download
  • Installing software required by university staff
  • Installing and updating Windows
  • Providing specialized software
  • Anti-virus Computer Staff of University Staff
  • Updates and reviews from the university website
  • Provide password read and exchange service
  • Providing temporary and guest access
  • Providing electronic cards for all employees
  • Provide internal telephone services in every department of the university

Sectors and Areas The department’s fame at this university

  • The field of education
  • Administrative and financial field
  • Students and professors

Field of education (this field will be established in the near future)

Comprehensive education system
Admission system
Account settlement system
Teaching and research system
Teacher evaluation system

Administrative and financial field

Secretariat system and correspondence circulation to be established in the near future
Personnel and wage system
The warehouse and property system will be established in the near future
Attendance system

Students and professors

An electronic student records system called the Apple Academic System
Students’ evaluation system of professors


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