Library Management

Library Manager

Murtaza Motahari

Phone Number: 0796313227

Email Address: /

Degree: Master

Field of Study: International Law


  • Master’s degree in international law, Khatam al-Nabieen University (PBUH)
  • Bachelor of History, Faculty of Social Sciences, Kabul University of Education and Training

Work Experiences:

  • For 7 years of experience managing the library of Khatam al-Nabieen University (PBUH)

Job Description of Library Management:

  • Management and administration of internal order and providing library services to students;
  • preparing a list of library requirements for purchase;
  • Management of registration and standard classification of the library;
  • Setting the working hours of colleagues according to the hours required by the users;
  • Setting up and managing the electronic library and creating the necessary assistance for users;
  • Preservation and care of the library; Scientific books and resources;
  • Monitoring the performance and activities of employees;
  • Registration and archiving of student theses;
  • Carrying out matters related to student account settlement with the library;
  • Identifying scientific journals, collecting general journals and archives in the library;
  • Establishing communication and mutual cooperation with the prestigious libraries of domestic and foreign universities;
  • Setting up a scientific search system for the use of professors and students;
  • Issuing and signing documents related to the library;
  • Holding training methods for employees and short-term courses on how to use the available resources for users;
  • Preparation and adjustment of the bill of duties of subordinate employees;
  • Presenting new plans and programs for the quantitative and qualitative development of the library;
  • Submitting a report to the Directorate of Scientific Research.

About the Library:

Libraries and information centers, as the main centers for collecting and organizing information resources, provide the necessary tools for researchers and research development. Since no research can be successful without establishing a link with the research background in its subject area, access to up-to-date information sources is one of the most important needs of researchers and students. All researchers and students need to be aware of the activities that have already happened in their research field or are currently ongoing. This awareness is made possible through access to information sources. Usually, the findings of other researchers are published through scientific journals, books, websites and databases. Librarians and information specialists are in charge of collecting and organizing this information and provide researchers with the results of previous research.

The library of Khatam al-Nabieen (PBUH) University, as one of the branches of the Directorate of Scientific Research, has the best scientific and specialized books and tries to provide a suitable space for researchers and students to study and research. This library, which was established in 2006, at the same time as the university began, operates in the central and medical branches.

The study hall of the university has the capacity to receive more than 200 students at the same time in two central and medical buildings. This library has 6 full-time employees every day, except official holidays, from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm in Dear students and customers.

Also, the lending section of this library with more than 20,000 book titles is ready to serve humanities and medical students. Registration of students to borrow books is done free of charge with the credit of the student card forever. Each student can borrow a maximum of two books for two weeks, and if necessary, the books will be extended for another week.

As a scientific and academic center, Khatam al-Nabieen (pbuh) University always seeks to expand and develop quantitative and qualitative services. In each academic year, in proportion to the increase in the number of students of each field in the university, new books are purchased and provided to students for use. The university library is equipped with search and book loan software. The use of this software allows students to easily search for their desired book based on the book name, author’s name, or subject, and after registering the book number, request it from the deposit department. Students can also use the book guides along with the software to choose the book they want.

Considering the expansion of modern technology, the development of technological tools for the development of contemporary knowledge is one of the other duties of every educational and scientific institution; For this purpose, Khatam al-Nabieen (pbuh) University has purchased and registered a computer system of a large number of electronic scientific software that contains the most important and reliable scientific books needed by researchers of humanities and experimental sciences. The students of this university and those interested in research can also access these services and the electronic books (software) will always be available to them for free.

In addition to scientific and specialized books, Khatam al-Nabieen (PBUH) University has tried to prepare a large number of domestic and foreign scientific-specialized magazines and provide them to scientists and research students. Also, there are reliable domestic daily newspapers in the study hall of the university library, which those interested in the political and social developments of the world and Afghanistan, can read them in this place and learn about the most important developments of the day.

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