University Shareholders

Haji Mohammad Javad Mohseni

Mr. Mohammad Javad Mohseni is the son of Abdullah, born in 1361 AH in Kandahar, Afghanistan. His higher education is in political science and law and he is the author of dozens of articles in the media. Mr. Mohseni is considered one of the worthy figures of media in the country and has more than 15 years of successful management experience in various organizations. Management and cultural centers, media institutions, scientific institutions, publishing organizations, charitable foundations and medical and medical centers are among his activities. Mr. Mohammad Javad Mohseni is the concessionaire and senior shareholder of Khatam al-Nabiyin (PBUH) University and is currently in charge of the management and leadership of Tamdan television network. Mr. Mohseni, as a young and exemplary entrepreneur, provides job opportunities for hundreds of people by creating various institutions and organizations.


Dr. Sayyed Abdul Qayyum Sajjadi

Dr. Seyyed Abdul Qayyum Sajjadi is the son of Seyed Hakim, born in 1348 in Qorbagh region of Ghazni province. In 1363, he went abroad to continue his education, and at the same time, he started studying religious sciences and political sciences in different stages of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in the scientific centers of that country. He received a doctorate in international relations from Shahid Beheshti University and taught and researched at universities in Iran. In 1382, he participated as a representative in the Constitutional Law Jirga. From 1384 to 1400, they were present in the House of Representatives as a representative of the people of Ghazni. Dr. Sajjadi started his official academic activity in Khatam al-Nabiyin University (pbuh) in 2006, based on the order of the new thinker of the country, Hazrat Ayatollah Azami Mohseni, and the cooperation of a group of learned professors, and from the very beginning, he served as the president of this university. In 1391, he established the Ghazni branch of Khatam-ul-Nabiyin (pbuh) University with the cooperation of Mr. Mohammad Javad Mohseni, and in 1393, he established the Khatam-ul-Nabiyin (pbuh) Jaghori Institute of Higher Education in that district. About 30 scientific articles have been published by him in national and international journals. He has also authored and edited more than ten scientific books and university textbooks. In addition, he is the owner of Khatam al-Nabiyin (PBUH) University privilege, he deals with the professor and scientific staff of teaching and research in this university.

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