Officials from Ministry of Education visits Khatam Al-Nabieen University

Some officials from MoE visited KNU Thursday afternoon June 9, 2022. In the visit which was scheduled by Director of Communication and Informing Department two sides discussed cooperation grounds. Rohullah Sadiqi, Vice-Chancellor of Students’ affairs said, “Poverty and Ignorance” are to problems through which alliances try to achieve their colonialism and exploitation purposes. Based on his point of view, eliminating this weak points is the responsibility of every citizen. In this area, MoE has the responsibility to treat students patriotic. According to his statement, KNU is ready to help MoE in capacity building and compiling educational curriculum. Other university authority recounted the same promises.

MoE officials called Afghanistan as a common home for all Afghans and reiterated that defending of it is the duty and responsibility of everyone. In addition, they stated that they need for cooperation of KNU in different areas. In the next steps, they will discuss further in details in introduce the cooperation grounds.

Report Code: 79-21-3-1401

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