Justification Meeting is to hold for New Students

Vice-Chancellor of students’ affairs as a host held justification meeting for students came from other universities and higher education institutions through the official process. In the meeting which was held Thursday may 26, 2022 Rohullah Sadiqi Students’ affairs Deputy Dean addressed the students that you were not students of other educational institutions anymore, so you can benefit all the privileges available in the university as other students do.

Mr. Saadiqi also added that entering the new academic environment requires to be familiar with all rule, regulations and principles governing the organization and it is an inevitable principle. He continued the session by explaining the general rules and regulations and asked students to log in the educational system for further information. In addition, he described how the system works to record the presence and absence of students and allow them to participate in exams or not.

In the last episode of the program, Mr. Najhand, acting head of Dentistry Faculty Described Khatam Al-Nabieen University an academic environment without any kind of discrimination and humiliation. He added, if you are encountering a problem in your educational affairs, share it with your lecturers or instructors to get them solved for the first step, otherwise share them with the relevant department and faculty for the most. He briefed that competency is the only criteria by which students are judged and asked the students to adjust their selves to new academic atmosphere requirements.



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