Academic Vice Chancellor

Academic Vice-Chancellor

First name and surname: Dr. Abdul Karim Eskandari

Education: Doctorate in Criminal Law and Criminology

Email Address: [email protected]

This is about fifteen years that Khatam al-Nabieen University has been making sincere efforts to graduate highly knowledgeable and committed students with pursuing the slogan of “commitment and expertise.” The core actor of educational programs in Khatam Al-Nabieen University is Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs which helps the university to reach its main goals. The most important goal of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is training of committed and specialized human resources with the highest scientific quality and with continuous improvement of educational quality, implementation of general educational policies of the Ministry of Higher Education, strengthening executive powers, establishing relations with other universities and expanding interaction between university faculties and other affiliated units. So, The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is bound to pursue the general policy of the university with preparing regulating principles for educational programs and supervise their proper implementation within the university units.

The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs has defined its vision and mission in the horizon of 1400 as follows and has included the necessary operational plans to achieve it in its strategic plan.


Reaching to top scientific position in national level with providing credible scientific standards, high quality educational services and also gaining social trust


Train committed and specialized human resources with the help of developing scientific programs and providing high quality educational services in accordance with national and international standards

Basic values ​​(principles):

The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs follows principles and values ​​that are not in conflict with humanitarian value, Islamic values and national values. These values ​​are considered as redline and must not be breached anyway and these basic values are briefly listed as below:

  • Human ethics and dignity;
  • Science centrism;
  • Student-centered;
  • Environmental Protection;
  • Quality orientation and academic competence
  • Preservation and development of human capital
  • Active interaction with the environment

The duty of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs:

  • Undertake the duties of the University Chancellor when he is not present;
  • Undertake the leadership and promotion of teaching and students related affairs;
  • Take necessary actions for recruitment, promotion and dismissal of the academic members and accordingly, take basic steps for recruitment of the temporary professors in coordination with the Chancellor of University and University high Council for final decision making;
  • Evaluate and update the academic curriculum in accordance with the demand of time and perform necessary verifications through relevant legal channels and authorities;
  • Supervise the smooth implementation of the curriculum and make sure that all branches and faculties are following the curriculum contents and regulations;
  • Draft the academic calendar of the university and then submit it to the University High Council for approval;
  • Responsible for chairmanship of the Educational Council and special committees in case it is required to be established;
  • Undertake necessary arrangements for admission of new students, holding entrance exams and also dismissal cases of the students according to the relevant legislative documents;
  • Undertake necessary tasks for preparing and issuing required documents for newly graduated students and also issue new identity cards for new comers;
  • Report to the University Chancellor and University High Council;
  • Supervise the administrative and executive activities which is considered as subordinate units of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, along with its subordinate units, makes every effort to improve the quality of education and the output of educational programs so as to produce highly committed and specialized human resource.


The subordinate units of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

A: Scientific-educational units

  • Faculties (10 Faculties)
  • Departments (21 departments)
  • Board of Masters

B: Councils and committees

  • Education Council
  • Curriculum Committee
  • E-Learning Committee
  • Consolidation and Promotion Committee
  • the Council of Educational Managers

D: Administrative units

  • Student Affairs Department
  • Planning and Examinations Department
  • Department of teachers affairs
  • Graduates management affairs
  • General management of medical sciences units


  • Developed strategic plan for the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs;
  • Systematized the monitoring and evaluation process of its subordinate divisions;
  • Hired most of the faculty members with PHD and master’s degrees;
  • Modernized the educational system (online unit selection, online registration for entrance exam and establishment of the e-learning system which automatically insert scores and attendance);
  • Compilation and distribution of educational manuals that include all educational bills and regulations;

Scientific Works

A) Books

– Three Titles: Details come soon

B) Articles

– 35 Titles: Details will come soon

Former Vice chancellor for Aacdemic Affairs

First name and surname: Ali Ahmad Makarem Bakhteari.

Education: Master(MD) In Medical Sciences from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.

Email Address: [email protected]