Study Visits

Study Visits

Every year, the Faculty of Economics and Management organizes study visit for those students who are on the brink of graduation from the bachelor’s degree. The excursion aims to strengthen the students’ academic foundation and make them more familiar with the practical situation of economy and business environment in the country.
 This program was organized in cooperation with university officials and in particular the deputy administrative and financial office of the university, in order to gain a practical understanding of the lesson such as the Afghan economy, economic development, planning, creativity, entrepreneurship, and project management. this was a one-day study visit, which was held on Thursday 17 October 2018, 65 students from the third and fourth year of the faculty including male and female along with the faculty members, visited the industrial parks of Pul-e Charkhi. During this study visit, students visited several major factories in various fields of production, such as: production of oxygen, production of water and wastewater pipelines, iron melt, aluminum plant, shoe factory and boot factory.

Parmabet Giriş

Students’ Viewpoints about study visit

 Students warmly welcomed study visit and consider it as a great measure for students’ capacity building. They think this was as useful as 50% of theoretical courses and it effectively contributed in understanding of the theories. Some of the students’ believe that this study visit was as helpful as the whole semester program. In addition to sharing their views, they have been able to get familiarity with following:

  • Familiarity with domestic manufacturing companies;
  • industrial companies function and operation;
  • Familiarity with the process of production, distribution and export of goods;

Parmabet Güncel Giriş
Familiarity with Role of Industry in Development and Economic Growth of the country, and supporting with Ideas of Entrepreneurship

The study visit has tangibly familiarized the students with the Afghan economy and role of the industry in economic growth and also entrepreneurial ideas among students. They also got information about the challenges, problems and opportunities that a producer faces in the country. Finally, the student’s suggested that at least once a year they need to have different study visit so that they could have a thorough understanding of theoretical discussions from the start, and that the practical aspect of the lessons would be deepened for students.

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