Professors Affairs Management

Professors' Affairs Department

Overall Introduction
The Department of Professors’ Affairs is one of the most important subdivisions of the Academic Vice-Chancellor, which performs its duties directly under its supervision and guidance. This office is responsible for all professors’ affairs and is the bridge of communication between professors’ and academic vice-chancellor, in some cases with Finance and Administrative Vice-chancellor, the university Chancellor, faculties, and sometimes the relevant departments.

In fact, as the title of this department implies, this administration is in sync with the financial (material and spiritual), administrative, educational and research affairs of the professors’, especially the academic staff of the university, and is mostly administrative executive in nature and in matters of monitoring the work and performances of the instructors.

Among the most important duties of the person in charge of this department are: Forming and completing files for all professors, taking steps to appoint and promote faculty members, the secretariat of the academic council and the quorum committee and the university stabilization and promotion committee, registering and updating the information of all instructors in the educational system of the university, and preparing financial tables and Mentioned statistics related to instructors monthly and in semester.