Management of Research and Technology Center

Management of Research and Technology Center

Research and Technology Center

The role of research centers along with universities is important for the production and spread of science and technology. One of the most important factors in self-sufficiency and improving the research system is to support scientific and research centers, in the form of providing more facilities, full encouragement of researchers, inventors and other dedicated human forces in this particular.

The Center for Research and Technology as a part of the Khatam-Al-Nabieen University Research Institute was established in 2016 aiming to strengthen and organize the research process, the production of science, contributing the health community and capacity building.

The need to establish research centers:

Due to the wide variety and difficulties of research process, as well as the necessity of organizing appropriate policies, it is strongly necessary to open a research center in each university. Certainly, with the activity of this section, the basic foundations of the research process will be robust and the academic credibility of the universities will increase. Research and Technology Center of Kham Al-Nabieen University has been working in the following two areas for the development of research activities:


  • Laboratory Research Division:

This section contains the following parts:

  • Animal House for Research for purposes;
  • Electrophysiological studies;
  • Behavioral studies;
  • Molecular studies.


  • B) Publication of scientific articles:

Research results and laboratory achievements are presented to the academic community of the country in the form of scientific articles through academic journals of the university, in order to create a new window for scientific movement in the society and build a platform for stronger and more solid steps towards production of science and technology.