Financial and administrative management

Core Values ​​(Principles)

Order and Discipline

The Viewpoint of the Financial Administration Deputy

A sustainable income university through educational, research and scientific services

Mission of the Financial Administration Deputy

Our mission is the optimal management of financial resources in order to achieve the strategic goals and diversify the sources of income for the financial sustainability of the university.
Administrative and Financial Strategic Goals

A platform for consolidating the educational status of active disciplines to increase revenue;
Optimal financial management to maximize revenue and rationalize costs;
Systematization and transparency in administrative and financial affairs;
Investment Management and Creating Financial Credit to Finance, Increase Savings and Joint Ventures;
The foundation for the development of the university’s physical space.

Administrative and Financial Deputy: Ali Shah Hassani

Educational background:

Master of Public Administration from Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute – Iran 2-4
Bachelor of Management in Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute – Iran 2-4


Cooperation with the President of the University in performing the best duties of different departments of the University

Management of departments related to accounting, logistics management, logistics management, accommodation management, administrative management and security management;

Coordination and oversight of administrative activities related to all branches and offices of the University;

  1. Addressing the affairs and goals of the University and the quality of workflows and working methods in offices, offices and departments;

Supervise how and properly the implementation of all university guidelines, laws, regulations and regulations relating to university affairs, employment, finance and transactions;

Preparing necessary reports to the President of the University on the duties and affairs of the various departments;

Participate in various meetings of the university and comment on various administrative, employment, financial, interest-related and material matters of the university;

2- Preparing and adjusting the proposed annual budget of the University and managing the budget and finance;

1- Managing the University’s Recruitment and Supply Chain in accordance with Regulations and Regulations;

Cooperation with other independent departments and branches of the university to achieve the university’s goals;

Supervising the university’s security and disciplinary affairs.

The following management departments:

Calculation management

Somayeh Mohammadi


2- Managing all financial and accounting affairs of the university;

1- Preparing required financial and accounting reports;

1- Registration and archiving of financial and accounting documents;

1- Managing University Independent Accounts 2

1- Managing student finance 2

Advising on the development of university financial and accounting programs.

Supply and logistics management

Ehsanullah Ghorbanzadeh


1- Purchase and supply of materials (Consumables and Materials) of the University;

1- Preparing financial documents

Supervising the manner and amount of expenditure and procurement of the various departments;

1- Warehouse Management 2

2- Consulting on university supplies and supplies.

Administrative management

Abdulhadi Asghari


Supervising the administrative affairs of the branches and departments of the university;

Establishing inter-departmental coordination and co-operation and monitoring the correct and timely administration of administrative processes and processes;

2- Supervising staff affairs and managing attendance;

Providing and managing administrative documents and letters.

Property management

Mohammad Zaki Sadeghi


Supervision over the provision, maintenance and care of the University’s movable and immovable property;

1- Property registration 2

Manage transfers and monitor how property is used.

Service management and maintenance

Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini

2- Manage all human resources in the service sector and control their quality of work;

1- Environmental Control, Facilities, Planning, and Conservation and Care of University Space and Environment;

1- Depreciation and amortization report and care and service requirements;

Supply during extracurricular activities.

Security management

Shiraqa Qasemi

2- Manage all human resources in the field of security and quality control of their work;

1- Setting the guard’s work plans;

Cooperation with university officials on staff attendance;

1- Check student cards;

2- Preparing disciplinary reports for students and staff;

Cooperation in ensuring the security of the university.

Hostel management

Sons, Mohammad Reza Maarif

Girls, Khaled Khaderi


Collaboration in dormitory management and communication between dormitory students and university officials

2- Monitoring the performance of dormitory students and preventing disorder and discipline;

Follow-up of executive procedures and reporting of abuses;

2- Receiving complaints, requests and suggestions from the students of the hostel.