Faculties and Departments

Faculties And Departments

Currently, there are several departments under the supervision of six faculties as follows:

  1. International and General Law
  2. Criminology and Criminal Law
  3. Political Science and International Relations
  4. Commercial Economy and Commercial Management
  5. Islamic Education
  6. Midwifery Department
  7. Medical Technology Department
  8. Public Health Department
  9. Software Engineering
  10. IT
  11. Electric Engineering
  12. Building Engineering
  13. Stomatology

Description of the duties of heads of Faculties:

  1. Representing the faculty against other institutions.
  2. Developing appropriate proposals and programs to improve the teaching and working environment of the College.
  3. Implementation of the legal standards and decisions of the High Council, the Education Council and the Scientific Council of the College and its proper supervision.
  4. Planning, Management and Supervision of Faculty Education, Research and Executive Affairs.
  5. Organizing and administering the meetings of the Faculty Council and forwarding its approvals to the relevant authorities for implementation and during the legal process.
  6. Representing the College in the various parliaments and councils.
  7. Continuous monitoring of students’ educational status and observance of educational rules throughout the teaching process (unit selection, class attendance, exams, monographs, and graduate work);
  8. Supervising the scientific and educational activities of the departments.
  9. Strive to continuously promote education and use the latest scientific achievements in this field;
  10. Striving to create a cordial atmosphere of cooperation among faculty members and to provide students with the satisfaction of being the principal clients of the university;
  11. Developing a five-year faculty plan for discussion in the faculty council;
  12. Providing a monthly report on the activities and educational programs of faculty members;
  13. Designing, managing and holding scientific seminars approved by the relevant Scientific Council;
  14. Advancement and Management of Faculty Research Affairs
  15. Supply of approvals and orders of the authorities to the departments.

Description of the duties of the department:

  1. Department Meetings chair;
  2. Overseeing the department’s theoretical and practical curriculum related courses;
  3. Submitting plans to improve departmental affairs;
  4. Striving to meet the needs of the department;
  5. Offer an appreciation and appreciation to the number of faculty members who demonstrate self-initiative, fitness and competence in teaching and research;
  6. Establishing a scientific record of the professors and recording the teaching and research activities of the professors
  7. Managing the Department of Research and Maintenance of Department Professors;
  8. Supervising the implementation of the teacher improvement and retention plan;
  9. Formulate and implement programs to strengthen students’ scholarship, such as holding book competitions, camps, essay competitions and the like, and keeping records;
  10. Identifying the educational needs of the field and managing the formulation of resources;
  11. Supervision of class positioning and implementation of semantic themes during the semester by professors and report of implementation of curricula
  12. Managing all academic and administrative affairs related to student monographs;
  13. Assist in reviewing faculty teaching and reporting to the Faculty Council;
  14. Conducting quality improvement meetings at the department level and submitting report approvals;
  15. Department of School Reporting
  16. Providing necessary plans and suggestions for improving the department’s educational and administrative affairs;
  17. Implementation of the Approval of the Faculty Academic Council;
  18. Other legal duties entrusted to him/her.