Department of Cultural and Social Affairs

The aim of the Department of Cultural Affairs is to create a more scientific, cultural and religious environment in the university environment and to enhance the non-specialized skills of students to apply their talents and abilities to enter the field of scientific and social activities. Skills that support and educate an educated scientific person, and in turn, provide him with a healthy and useful scientific background.

The overall goals of the university’s cultural affairs include:

  • Providing a suitable environment and space for students to perform appropriate cultural activities
  • Promote ethical and spiritual insight and behavior among college students and staff.
  • Creating scientific and religious vitality in the university environment
  • Creating the necessary backgrounds to enhance students’ abilities and skills to adapt to the student lifestyle
  • Developing and enhancing the non-specialized abilities and skills required by students to use specialized abilities in their disciplines
  • To create a suitable environment for the artistic education of human beings and human beings in order to enhance the level of intellectual, moral and scientific sophistication of students.

Based on the above goals, the University’s cultural affairs will assume the following responsibilities and responsibilities.

  • University building with the aim of creating scientific-behavioral-ethical vitality.
  • Organizing appropriate and thematic programs in the form of celebrations, seminars and conferences.
  • Establishment of art education classes
  • Holding scientific, cultural, artistic, sports competitions (reading, public information, writing and writing, photography, etc.)
  • Exhibition of artistic products and students’ abilities
  • Creating healthy cultural competition among the students of Kabul private universities in the form of inter-university competitions.

This year, the department has been involved in successful academic, cultural and national and religious events and programs with the active participation of students and has been able to have a good level of cultural activities in higher education institutions and universities. The publication of the student scientific journal Ravish and the student lan- guage of lanterns are other activities of this section carried out by students.

Activities performed:

  • Holding various seminars with the help of colleges and scientific research department;
  • Book Fair, Exhibition of Effects at National and International Exhibitions;
  • University Space;
  • Preparing and setting up university information brochures;
  • Holding national and religious ceremonies and gatherings;
  • Participating in national exhibitions, to identify Khatam Al-Nabeen University and to present scientific and cultural products of the University;
  • Launching student associations from colleges;
  • The publication of the Rouhesh magazine, a special weekly Touba for Sister Students;
  • Organizing cultural events in the residences of the brothers and sisters of Khatam al-Nabi University
  • Holding futsal and volleyball competitions among college faculties;
  • Making a video clip of university functions;
  • Conducting student capacity building classes by the Student Association and with the university’s cultural management.

Mohammed Nabi Rahimzai is responsible for the cultural-educational department.

Preparation: Cultural-educational department