Vice chancellor of Education

Vice chancellor of Education

First name and surname: Ali Ahmad Makarem Bakhteari.

Education: Master(MD) In Medical Sciences from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.

Email Address:

Authority and responsibility:

  • Performing the duties of the President of the University in his absence.
  • Leadership and promotion of teaching and student affairs.
  • Implementation of the recruitment, promotion and separation of faculty members and the recruitment of non-staff professors and presenting it to the President of the University for submission to the High Council for Decision Making.
  • Evaluate the curriculum and grade it according to the demand of time through relevant references.
  • Overseeing Branch and College Adaptation.
  • Plan the academic calendar of the university and submit it to the Supreme Council for approval.
  • Presidency of the Council of Education and special committees, if necessary.
  • Implementation of the admission of freshmen students, the inclusion of students and the separation of students according to the relevant legal documents.
  • Required implementation in preparing and issuing leisure documents and student ID cards.
  • Report to the President of the University and the High Council on its implementation.
  • Supervising the activity of administrative and executive forces of the scientific-teaching sub-division.
  • Other duties assigned to the Vice President in accordance with the specific requirements of the duty.