MoU between Khatam Al-Nabieen and Qom Medical University

MoU between Khatam Al-Nabieen and Qom Medical University

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Khatam Al-Nabieen University (PBUH) and Qom Medical Sciences University on 21 January 2020 in order to develop scientific, educational and research relations between the two scientific institutions and also pave the ground for mutual benefit of utilizing capacities and human resources of each and other.The event happened during a meeting which was held at Qom Medical Science University  in presence of a delegation consisting of Dr. Abdul Qayyum Sajjadi, Dr. Mohammad Vahid Binesh, the university chancellor, and Dr. Sayeed Yosuf Mousavi, the Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology  of Khatam Al-Nabieen University, and on the other side Dr. Mohammad Reza Ghadir, the Chancellor of Qom Medical Science University, and its vice chancellors for education, research and international relations, as well as the deans of the faculties. In this meeting, after a discussion and exchange of views between the officials of the two universities, the memorandum of understanding was signed between the Chancellor of Khatam Al-Nabieen University (PBUH) and Qom Medical Science University. While congratulating this to the scientific community of Afghanistan, Khatam Al-Nabieen University (PBUH) hopes with implementing the contents of this and other memorandums  may be as useful steps to train committed and specialized human resources for the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Reported by: Mohammad Reza Sirat



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