Allegory Court at Khatam Al-Nabein University

Allegory Court at Khatam Al-Nabein University

The allegorical court is one of the most important and constructive elements in the teaching of law students and law students, through which students learn their respective roles by practicing their skills and practicing the practical and applied aspects of legal and judicial practice. Khatam Al-Nabeen University has taken serious note of this in order to institutionalize the practical work and empowerment of law students, and for many years has been providing students with the opportunity to establish academic trials in the context of enhancing students’ scientific and practical skills and techniques. The Bane Allegheny Court was established in 1989 by the Faculty of Jurisprudence and Law, headed by Professor Abdul Basir Nabizadeh, in cooperation with the Master Board of the Master Seyed Yaqoub Arefi. The occasion was held on the occasion of Tuesday, 4/4/1998 at the library hall of Khatam al-Nabein University. The seventh semester students of the Faculty of Jurisprudence and Law of this university were held. The professors of the university attended the Honorable Judges of the Elementary Courts. Four court hearings were held, two of which concerned the Court against Violence Against Women and another related to the murder case in Chahar Azib District and another. It was a deception involving a persuasive Haradwal of Wardak Square. At first, the ceremony began with a few verses recited by Kalamullah Majid, followed by a national tribute in honor of the beloved homeland. First of all, celebrate the guests at the party He then spoke about the benefits and importance of allegorical courts for law and law students, and referred to allegorical courts as one of the ways to enhance practical skills, and the University of Hara as one of the main centers for providing professional and specialized cadres in order to improve the quality of service in the country. They did.

Then the trial was divided into three teams and three groups of students (defendants’ lawyers, prosecution attorneys, legal representatives of the victims). They presented the actual criminal trials that had already taken place before the trials. The lawsuit was filed by Haranwal, the prosecution’s lawyers heard the defendant’s lawyers, and the prosecution also made statements. Afterwards, the verdicts were handed over to the defendants by the allegations of the trial court and the trial ended. Dear judges of the country, Mr. Abda Ltabir Sotoudeh, Chairman of the Court of Crimes Against Homeland and Foreign Security, Kabul Third District, and Judge Saif Rahman Labib Reis, 4th District Court of Kabul, adjudicated the course of the students’ trial, performance and performance. They expressed the need to improve the affairs of the university and the trustees to implement and develop such programs for law students, and finally summarized and concluded the efforts of the School of Law and the implementation and performance of the allegorical tribunal teams.

Recently, a letter of appreciation to the jury and professor of the workshop and the allegory court certificate was distributed to students who participated in the implementation of the allegory court by the esteemed head of the Khatam al-Nabeen University School of Law and Law.

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