Holding the Second, First Aid Workshop and Natural Disaster Response

Holding the Second, First Aid Workshop and Natural Disaster Response

A moment of kindness, a universe life” was a slogan chanted in first the aid training workshop which was cooperatively organized by School of Medical Science of Khatam Al Nanieen University, Blood donation institution of students in Afghanistan, and Deputy Director of Youth Affairs of Afghanistan Ministry of Information and Culture with the assistance of research and cultural team of Khatam Al Nabiean University.

The workshop was hold for two days aiming to raise public awareness about first aid and natural disaster management among people, especially students, covering important topics such as: how to apply the First Aid for burns and poisoned, how to cope with natural and abnormal events, how to use of some medical necessary devices, the way how to reconstruct the heart and lung system (CPR), the method of transference of injury and bleeding management by members of Afghan Students Blood Donating Organization, students of the medical science school of Khata Al Nabieen University with direct supervision and practical training of Dr. Makarem Nasiri Bakhtiari, and with its guidance in the workshop presentation.

During the ending session, members of various institutions, senior members of the university, professors, students and other enthusiasts had lovingly participated. Dr. Ali Ahmad Makram Bakhtiari, Head of school of Medical science of Khatam Al-Nanibeen University and including head of other faculties; Dr. Kamal Sadat, the deputy director of the youths’ affairs of the Ministry of Information and Culture; Fida Mohammad Safi, the chairman of the social security and many others were present in the sitting.

At the end of the workshop, Honoring the continuous services and collaboration of Khatam Al Nabineen University in various fields, several appreciation letters were dedicated to Dr. Sajjadi, the president of Khatam Al Nabieen university, Dr. Mohammadi, the deputy education scientist and Dr. Ali Ahmad Makram Bakhtiari, the Head of School of Medical science, by Ministry of Culture and information and other stakeholders.

These kind of workshops are very effective to raise public awareness for the purpose of helping people when they face accidental incidents and it is really helpful to be continued in the future”, said Sherullah Khadem, Blood donation institution of students in Afghanistan.

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