The First Anniversary of Grand Ayatollah Mohseni’s Demise

The First Anniversary of Grand Ayatollah Mohseni’s Demise

The opening ceremony of Grand Ayatollah Mohseni’s award was held on the first anniversary of his demise. This program was held on Monday, August 4, 2020 at Khatam Al-Nabieen University (PBUH) in the presence of the vice chancellor of Afghanistan’s Sciences Academy, the chancellors and vice chancellors of some private universities, Alhaj Mohammad Javad Mohseni and also the head and some members of Afghanistan’s Shia Religious Scholars Council and the vice chancellors and professors of Khatam Al-Nabieen University.

The program began with the recitation of divine verses of the holy Quran and national anthem, and continued with speeches by some scholars. Dr. Abdul Qayyum Sajjadi, one of the speakers at the meeting, described human perfection and progress in the divine religions teaching as a vital topic. He added that historically the human perfection, progression and spiritual felicity has been as a principal intellectual of topic of ancient and contemporary thinkers.

Dr. Sajjadi also mentioned the progress and happiness of human is in axis of creation philosophy in the holy religion of Islam and cited to the holy verses of the Holy Quran that human progress is the basic mission of the divine prophets. He emphasized that the material and spiritual of human perfection is linked to the holy religion of Islam and religious thought. According to him, the correct explanation, interpretation and realization of religion and drawing of a roadmap for people need to be theorized, and in this regard, the religious scholars should play an active role.

As he said, the duty of religious scholars is not only to teach the jurisprudential rules of worship and daily transactions, but also be interpreters of the jurisprudence of life and comment on all issues needed by the people. In another part of his speech, Dr. Sajjadi called Grand Ayatollah Mohseni a preacher of Islamic Brotherhood and being familiar with current issues  as a theorist Kalebet Giriş and problem solver of contemporary problems, and stated that Islamic society needs Islamic solidarity and brotherhood more than any other issue in the current situation. Ayatollah Mohseni was a pioneer in this regard, and more than anything else, he spoke about the rapprochement of Islamic religions and answered to the doubts and questions in the field of religion.

Burhanullah Niazi, the Vice Chancellor of the Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan, called Ayatollah Mohseni a capable scholar and a source of pride for the Afghan people and said that with his scientific Kalebet Yeni Giriş
views, we find solutions for most of  current crisis in the country. Mr. Niazi praised Ayatollah Mohseni’s scientific efforts and added that he had answered to many of the doubts and questions raised about the religion of Islam. Regarding his scientific rank, the Vice Chancellor of the Academy of Sciences stated that Ayatollah Mohseni’s scientific ability and ingenuity are many times greater than the title awarded to him by the Afghan Academy of Sciences

Dr. Makarem Nasery Bakhtiari, Vice Chancellor for Science and Teaching of Khatam Al-Nabieen University (PBUH) also spoke about the details of the Ayatollah Mohseni’s Scientific-Research Award and said that the dissemination of knowledge, research and innovation is the main mission of scientific centers. According to Dr. Makarem, sustainable development depends on nurturing knowledgeable, science production, researchers’ training and encouragement of capable researchers, as well as institutionalizing a culture of using sensible metrics in monitoring these areas. Because Grand Ayatollah Mohseni was a flag bearer and a good role model in the field of research and science production, Khatam Al-Nabieen University (PBUH) will award the prize of the best student in his first anniversary. Mr. Makarem stated that the main objectives of this award are to identify top scientific talents, encourage innovative students, and institutionalize the encouragement of creative researchers. This commemoration ceremony ended with the official opening of the Grand Ayatollah Mohseni Scientific-Research Award and gifts to some of the participants. Grand Ayatollah Mohseni finally accepted Allah’s invitation passed away in 2019 after valuable scientific efforts and research activities.

Reporter: Mohammad Amin Resalat


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