Academic excursion of students of the Faculty of Economics and Management

Academic excursion of students of the Faculty of Economics and Management

In order to strengthen the students’ scientific knowledge and their familiarity with the historical stages of coins and banknotes printed and printed in the country as well as money and banking curriculum, Khatam al-Nabi University School of Economics and Management has invited 5 students, both male and female, to visit They were sent to the National Museum of Coins to conduct research.

The course was held at the expense of the university and was managed by the faculty and with the support of the faculty members.

During this scientific trip, students were introduced to the historical course of the country’s currency in different periods and closely observed the country’s metal coins from early human history in civilized Afghanistan to the present day. Relevant Professor The aforementioned Professor Rasuli Kamali, while detailing the details of these coins from ancient times to the present, informed the students about the details of how coins were minted in ancient times.

The students expressed their gratitude for the process and expressed their appreciation for the management of the faculty and evaluated the course as very good and practical. They also expressed hope that the university would also provide such scientific trips in the future in order to flourish and develop their scientific information.

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