Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering


Mission, Possibility and Evaluation

Engineering Faculty of Khatam Al-Nabieen University as a field in 2011 in the framework of Khatam Al-Nabieen University. The Faculty of Engineering is committed to providing educational materials for the training of dedicated and specialist education tailored to the country’s personal standards and basic needs and the prominent role it plays in the country’s scientific and developmental education. Having the power of complexity, space, facilities, laboratory facilities and the possibility of being a specialist in finance and pride, this scientist can also summarize the ability to rest (164), the committed and the expert. Intermediate of three courses in the specialized fields of Seoul and the training force and dedicated to the research community.


Civil Department:

In order to accomplish a more refined mission and access to more information, the Department of Seoul began to use suggested topics and topics for design, design, capability, preservation and creativity, and to provide infrastructure services and facilities in 2011 at the Faculty of Engineering. And we discuss not only the superstructure, etc., but also the technical, social, social and environmental aspects of it. The syllabus of this series consists of 16 university courses, 26 lectures, 27 optional courses and 76 specialized courses. Universities at this post-graduation level are able to budget with full capacity to support the following occupation:

1- direct and Indirect business activity in construction projects;
2- Reddam as Engineer Seoul in the Home Department Store and Department Store;
3- Civil Project Management (Project Manager) ·
4- Design and Design Allowed (Foundation Designer),
5- Possibility and feasibility of project implementation (engineering),
6- Foundations and Sites Statistics (Presentation Engineer).

Electrical Department:

Department of Electrical Engineering (2011) in the Faculty of Engineering as a guide to the important sites in the technological age is the start of work and activity and training and use of services related to personal, creativity and entertainment and electronics.

The syllabus of this series consists of 16 university courses, 26 lectures, 27 optional courses and 76 specialized courses. The Department of Electricity is a bachelor’s degree with the capability and effort to quickly access the list of metadata and expert visitors in the various fields (electronic, control and power). This mission department, using different universities to highlight the trends mentioned above by using students, professors and creatives, may not be able to benefit from these resources, as well as be able to draw on their expertise from a variety of social, Personal and technical as well as use. Analysis and commentary.

Electronic trends include the study of elevator control boards, chemical-controlled boards, industrial device control boards, and electronic resource designs.
Using applications, you can perform your operational activities and can utilize brotherhood, application and evolution, and common policy design, speaker mechanism, inter-city service communications as well as, fiber optic, mobile communications, radio communications, communications. Sim, calculate location using installer, investor, microwave, antenna, transmitter, how to process and retrieve waves and signals, travelers’ internet, satellites and builders , Radar and radar principles, cyst unit users They are systemic
Capable tendency to study consulting with a voltage control consulting firm on one of the tasks in consulting services using power sources, workload, voltage pressure, range of cables, base sex, grounding, transistors, as well as with The use of current distribution and distribution at the factory location, authorized or a city pays.
Control trends Important topics such as industrial dash temperature control, electro-motor remote control, rocket control, aircraft, and spacecraft can be studied.


Mission School of Engineering Khatam Al-Nabieen University Mission You can read the suggested lists and consult your consulting and consulting specialists using consulting services and providing new services, training services in various fields and coordinating with the Foundation. Submit.


Faculty of Engineering of Khatam Al-Nabieen University Determined using suggested lists and specialized in education and counseling Using new and modern academic services, teaching resources and activities using different and coordinated texts The fundamental foundations of space are the pioneers in providing services and developing the country.


1- Rely on religious and cultural evaluations and principles;
2- Manage the dignity and dignity of management at the expense and satisfaction of visiting professors, universities, staff, and clients;
3- Legislation and justice-centric with the influence of professional Brazil,
4- Commitment, video surveillance, and accountability;
5- Meritocracy and pivotal expertise;
6- Developing Strategic Thinking ·
7- Department of the Environment;
8- Institutionalize summary narrative and innovation.

Engineering Faculty Goals:

The goals of the Faculty of Engineering can be divided into three sections: educational, research, technical and technical:

Educational goals:

Promote the status of the faculty at national and regional level by providing quality and standardized educational programs;
Developing disciplines in specialized fields tailored to the needs of the community;
Attracting and educating committed and specialist students;
Recruit and train capable, committed and expert faculty members;
Creating the right atmosphere and environment and standard of science and education;
Promoting the power and spirit of creativity and innovation;
Providing tailor-made training programs tailored to the country’s basic needs;
Facilitating student exchange with domestic and foreign universities;
Increase management capabilities based on performance indicators.

Research Goals:

Creating research capacities for professors and students;
Systematicize the research activities of the Faculty Research Committee;
Focusing research topics on fundamental issues of the country;
Develop research collaborations with other national and international universities.

Technical and technical Goals:

Effective communication between faculty and industry (elementary and advanced industries);
Development of cooperation with national standardization agencies such as Sector and ISAs;
Quantitative and qualitative upgrading of equipment and facilities appropriate to the educational, research and administrative requirements of the College.